37.5® Technology
and the Pursuit
of Sustainability.


  1. Starting in 2021, 37.5® staple fibers and filament yarns will be available with a new sustainability additive. This decision comes after more than three years of research and testing of the sustainable technologies available to textile manufacturing. Limited quantities of 37.5 filament yarns and staple fibers with the new sustainability additive are available for sample production now.
  2. The sustainability additive used in 37.5 fibers and filament yarns does not affect the ability of those products to be recycled.
  3. The sustainability additive will be provided at no cost to the 37.5® fiber and yarn spinners and adds no additional manufacturing cost or complexity.
  4. Third-party testing using the industry standard for biodegradation testing, ASTM D-5511, estimates that 74% of 37.5 PET staple fiber biodegrades in 642 days. It is estimated based on half-life calculations that 97% of the 37.5 PET will decay in 3.35 years. Decomposition leaves behind the volcanic sand additive, titanium dioxide, carbon dioxide, and methane.
    Test Report
  5. Cocona Labs is committed to real-time transparency around its testing and research of biodegradable and recycled technologies. We will do so on the www.thirtysevenfive.com website.  This portion of the website will be updated as new information becomes available.


37.5® active particles increase performance and comfort
37.5® technology helps warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you’re hot
37.5® technology helps you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate relative humidity of 37.5%
37.5® technology removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms
37.5® active particles are derived from nature
37.5® technology traps odors and then releases them when washed and dried
37.5® technology works for the life of the garment/clothing


Scientifically proven to increase stamina by reducing the amount of energy used to manage core temperature.

Extend an athlete’s peak performance by 10 minutes, or 26%.

Increase efficiency so you use less energy to do the same amount of work.


Proven to reduce the effect of temperature-induced sleep disruptions, leading to longer, more restful sleep cycles.

Stay in the ideal comfort zone more often/longer (89% vs 38%).


Remove moisture in the sweat vapor stage, before liquid sweat forms.

Delay the onset of sweat.

Wicking only moves moisture, 37.5 removes moisture.

Proven to keep you dry more effectively than wicking; thus, increasing your comfort.


When you are hot, 37.5 speeds evaporation and cooling; when you’re cold, 37.5 returns the energy to warm the body.

A shirt with 37.5 technology has a similar effect as an ice vest on cooling the core.

Decrease the rate of core temperature buildup.